Intagent Real Estate Technology, a Property Website Company, Offers Web Design and Software Services to Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Companies

Intagent Real Estate Technology helps real estate brokers, agents, and companies design websites to easily manage their contents, pages, and listings. They offer responsive and SEO friendly websites that display perfectly on all devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.


Ann Arbor, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2020 -- Intagent Real Estate Technology is a reliable one-stop technology solutions provider. Intagent provides real estate web design, CRM lead management, marketing, and social media services which are specialized for brokers, agents, FSBO, consultancy and management. They offer a wide range of services that includes real estate agent web design, real estate broker web design, real estate company web design, single property websites, FSBO website design, and premium websites. Intagent Real Estate Technology's membership enables real estate companies to develop single property websites that are perfect in marketing listings. Thus, Intagent Real Estate Technology provides feature-rich websites that can help real estate agents, brokers, and companies to benefit from online marketing, online listing of homes, and customer relationship tools, which help them in updating their active customers.

Answering a query, Intagent Real Estate Technology's spokesperson commented, "We have the requisite tools to make it greatly easy to manage contacts and reach out to your customers. Also, we provide a feature-rich drip email marketing system, a fully-optimized Client Relationship Manager (CRM), as well as localized data to ensure that your customers keeps returning. We strive to make sure that yours is the go-to real estate website for your perfect area".

Moreover, Intagent Real Estate Technology is a real estate web designer that is available to brokers, agents, FSBO, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), as well as real estate consultancy and management. Through Intagent, real estate agents and brokers have the ability to display many properties through the internet, manage listings, custom client management system, establishing email marketing campaigns, and many more. They are also of great assistance in establishing an amazing online web presence and providing expert web design.

The spokesperson further added, Intagent Real Estate Technology offers its expertise in property web design and provides all existing clients with the ability of achieving the purposes of these websites. This is a perfect method to individually market your own listings while connecting them back to your main website. And since its digital, it can be sent via email, and thus, your marketing costs can extremely be reduced. Most of all, single property website design is free with every subscription to Intagent".

In addition, real estate websites that are created by Intagent Real Estate Technology are built to be SEO friendly, and to possess unique features like Google Analytics integration, lead generation forms, widgets, and more. Real estate agents, brokers and companies that need the service of a realty website software developer can contact Intagent to get lead management software and lead generation tools for their websites.

About Intagent Real Estate Technology
Intagent Real Estate Technology aims at assisting real estate brokers, agents, and companies to motivate marketing and sales. Some of Intagent's web design services are semi-custom websites, single property websites, FSBO website design, real estate agent and broker website design, as well as real estate company website design. Being a property website design company, Intagent provides real estate web design and CRM lead management services that can help in dominating the local market.

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