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Intech Equipment & Supply Provides Equipment Solutions to Spray Foam Roofing Contractors


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2019 -- Intech Equipment & Supply has been at the forefront of addressing the equipment needs of spray foam roofing contractors in America for 24 years. By giving contractors access to top brand machines and original parts, they have become a trusted name in the industry. The supplier has significantly invested in its market presence and runs six facilities across three time zones to cater to the broad market they serve. Most importantly, Intech Equipment & Supply runs an online store to offer its clients 24-hour access to its catalog.

Speaking about the ease of using their e-commerce store, the company's spokesperson said, "Our e-commerce store was purposefully developed to make us the spray foam partner that is always a few clicks away. It offers you a secure and user-friendly platform for all your equipment needs. The best part about the platform is our customer service team that is available to address your questions and concerns."

As the official distributor of Graco equipment, Intech Equipment & Supply offers contractors a program where they can buy Graco spray machine at the lowest market rates. The unbeatable prices from the distributor are a result of the strategic partnership with Graco. Intech Equipment & Supply maintains an updated inventory of the latest models from the manufacturer, giving contractors the flexibility to find the perfect option.

Talking about their competitive edge in the industry, the company's spokesperson said, "At Intech Equipment & Supply, we have placed our focus on the latest developments in the spray foam industry. We not only offer an extensive range of products but give you access to an exclusive, curated inventory. We have a team of seasoned product experts who evaluate spray foam equipment manufacturers and their market releases. We guarantee the quality and performance of every model is up to our standards before adding it to our inventory."

In addition to having excellent spray foam machines, roofing contractors need to invest in mobile spray rigs. Mobile rigs give contractors the ability to move with their equipment to wherever their work takes them. Intech Equipment & Supply understands this and offers a trusted store where contractors can easily buy spray rigs for sale. The portable spray rigs are fully customized for clients, ensuring a perfect fit for the machines and components that they have. For greater convenience, Intech Equipment & Supply has a variety of popular spray rig types, including box trucks, towable trailers, and compact units.

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Intech Equipment & Supply caters to commercial roofing contractors and their needs. They have been serving contractors since 1995 by offering top quality machines and parts from leading manufacturers.

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