Integrated Way

Integrated Way Announces Rising Trend in Life Coaching for Expats in Hong Kong


Sheung Wan, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- Integrated Way is a counselling practice in Hong Kong. Owner Daniel White this week announces that there is a rising trend for life coaching sessions with the expat community. Traditionally counselling sessions have been associated with specific emotional issues and relationship problems. Nowadays it seems that anybody is open to life coaching sessions.

Life coaching differs from traditional psychotherapy in that it uses more relaxed approaches. It is popular with athletes and business men who wish to improve focus and mental strength. It is now crossing over to the mainstream. People who wish to perform better at work, or simply get some help reaching their life goals are now enjoying the benefits of this style of therapy.

"Integrated way is my offering of experiential, body-mind psychotherapy and life-coaching, for people interested in living more wakeful, authentic, emotionally healthy lives." Daniel White

Daniel believes that everybody can benefit from a life coach. Sessions can be carried out occasionally but the best results come from regular sessions. It is an excellent way to improve any aspect of life. For example improving confidence levels or motivation. Many people have dreams for the future which they find hard to turn into reality. Seeing an experienced life coach can help people to achieve their dreams by learning how best to focus their energy. It makes people focus their thoughts in a positive way which will increase the quality of life.

Daniel White runs Integrated Way in Hong Kong. Most of his clients are from the large expat community. He sees couples as well as individuals. He has studied all over the world, including Boulder in Colorado. He also specialises in mens work which involves exploring and then getting the most out of men's masculine dynamics. Daniel offers sessions in person and internationally by using Skype calls. More information can be found at