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Integrity Supply Carries the Best Selection of Purdy Paint Brushes


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- When it comes to paint brushes, you’ll find only the best at Integrity Supply, Inc. The company is dedicated to offering premium wholesale painting, construction and safety supplies. While showcasing only the top-notch brands, this online store offers quality-made Purdy Paint Brushes to its customers.

This Purdy Brush range is outstanding when it comes to performance; highly popular and widely used, this series can be used for both interior and exterior painting projects. Made of Tynex, Nylon and Orel, these paint brushes easily work with all Polyester paint types. Available in all styles including Flat Trim, Angular Trim, Straight Trim, Enamel/Wall, Wall, Flatting; they are true masters.

All these brushes are unique and offer the highest level of efficiency while painting. In fact, as each brush style is unique, so is its application. Their specific hand-chiseled formulation for maximum paint lift and smooth no-drag application is what makes the difference. That’s why using a professional paint brush is always beneficial, it applies a smoother finish with fewer brush strokes, and at a faster pace, and most importantly, with minimum hassle. stocks a huge range of Purdy Paint Brushes, giving clients a number of options to choose from. Whether it’s a 1 1/2" Purdy XL Glide, or a Purdy 3 “XL Glide Paint Brush, one can find it all. Integrity Supply also offers products from renowned manufacturers like 3M, Wooster, Norton, Shurtape, Chicago Dropcloth, Graco, Whizz, Tyvek, Generac and many others.

Integrity Supply, Inc. provides online customers the best value and a superior customer service experience. Being honest, helpful, efficient, accountable, trustworthy, and committed to profitability and service, colleagues and customers can count on them.

About Integrity Supply, Inc
Integrity Supply, Inc. was established in 2000 as a wholesale distributor to provide the highest quality paint, safety and construction related supplies from leading manufacturers throughout the United States. Integrity was founded with its customers in mind by providing just-in-time delivery at affordable prices. It has established relationships with key manufacturers that absorb the inventory holdings costs and marketing funds, allowing Integrity to pass on the savings directly to the company's customers. It strives to continue to be the value-leader by delivering superior products at a fair price with unmatched service.

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