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Integrity Supply, Inc. Now Brings Quality Purdy XL Glide Brush to Clients


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Integrity Supply, Inc. an acclaimed online distributor of construction supplies, now introduces the efficient Purdy XL Glide Paint Brush. These XL brushes are from the renowned brand Purdy and are suitable for both interior and exterior painting projects. These are a part of Purdy's most popular and widely used series.

These Purdy XL Glide 2 ½ brushes, being made of polyester content are quite suitable for outside painting under hot and humid climate conditions. “Only DuPont's finest solid, round, tapered (SRT) Tynex® nylon and Orel® polyester filaments are used and our special tipping and flagging process brings our synthetic filaments as close to naturally flagged bristle as possible,” added a spokesperson.

These brushes can minimize the paint efforts and time as they work at a faster pace and moreover, if properly cleaned and stored, they can last for years. Purdy 2.5" XL Glide brush offers a smoother finish with less brush strokes, avoiding all the hassle one undergoes while using an inexpensive paint brush that sheds bristles and produces an inferior finish.

Clients can get a complete range of paint brushes at Integrity Supply Inc. These paint brushes are made from stiff or soft hairs, which are either natural hairs or synthetic fibers. Soft brushes are ideal for thin paint which spreads easily and for detailed work as they form a sharp point which allows for precision painting. Similarly, robust and hard brushes are ideal for pushing around thick paint and for creating brush marks in the paint.

About Integrity Supply, Inc.
Integrity Supply, Inc. was established in 2000 as a wholesale distributor to provide the highest quality paint, safety and construction related supplies from leading manufacturers throughout the United States. Integrity was founded with its customers in mind by providing just-in-time delivery at affordable prices. It has established relationships with key manufacturers that absorb the inventory holdings costs and marketing funds, allowing Integrity to pass on the savings directly to the company's customers. It strives to continue to be the value-leader by delivering superior products at a fair price with unmatched service.

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