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Intel Billed USB-C's Advantages of High Speed and Multiple Peripherals Connection

Intel architects Brad Saunders and Rahman Ismail explained some advantages of USB-C. They said that USB-C standard has high data transfer speed, negligible effect to battery life, allows multiple peripherals connection and slimmer phones.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2016 -- At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco on August 16th,2016, Intel architects Brad Saunders and Rahman Ismail explained how the application of USB-C standard coming later this year can be a great improvement over the old port for the modern-day smartphone. It allows the possibility of high speed data transfer, multiple peripherals connection, slimmer phones for manufacturers and it barely affects battery life.

Saunders and Ismail explain that USB-C standard has practical video potential. Although it can't replace HDMI, it's capable of high speed data transfers. With that being said, it's now possible to connect a smartphone or computer to a display via USB-C to run apps or watch movies. Like MacBook with USB-C, data transfer between iOS devices and PC is a lot faster. What's more, it's able to handle multiple connections at the same time. That means, with a USB hub, it allows the possibility of mirroring the screen with one port while charging the device with another and one more for peripherals like keyboard. These changes "will really make USB Type-C the right connector for audio," Saunders said.

But one of the major concerns people have been having with ditching the headphone jack, other than the need of an adapter, is power use. USB controllers inevitably uses more power than a 3.5mm port, and as an important factor for user experience, negative effects to battery life could be a deal breaker. Sanders says he and Ismail's had revised the specifications for USB-C so that It could detect if users are using the microphone on headphones or not and turn it off to save battery when it's not used. "The difference in battery life is negligible" with USB headphones, Sanders said.

This isn't the first time that Intel try to push the application of USB-C standard. The company presented detailed proposal of removing the 3.5mm audio jack at its Shenzhen developer forum. The proposal showed how the port is outdated and no longer meets the need of multi-purpose usage of modern phone users. It not only improves video and audio qualities, but also makes fitness-related functions like health tracking possible/Not only does it improve the quality of video and audio, but also it makes fitness-related functions like health tracking possible. Intel claimed that its Thunderbolt 3 interface would use the new standard instead of the existing Mini DisplayPort at Computex last year.

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