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Intelicus Advises Aspiring Students on How to Select the Best Online Masters Degree Program


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2012 -- As computers become more advanced and more information becomes available on the internet, the number of colleges and universities that offer online masters degree programs will grow in size.

This is great news for prospective students who dream of earning the advanced degree but are unsure how they are going to fit school into their already-busy schedules. But because more colleges than ever are offering online master degree programs, students can feel overwhelmed and confused about how to go about selecting which school is right for them.

A website has been creating quite a buzz lately for its amazing amount of comprehensive articles filled with tips and advice on how to select online masters degree programs.

Intelicus is currently the only online education directly that focuses solely on non-profit schools. The staff at the website believes strongly in traditional, non-profit schools and wants to give them the attention that they have been lacking during the past several years.

In order to help aspiring students choose the right online master degree programs, Intelicus offers five helpful tips.

At the top of the list is this advice: find out if the online masters degree program is accredited.

“Spending the time and money required to earn a grasp’s degree is not going to be value much if your diploma turns out to be worth less than the paper it is printed on,” the article on the website explained, adding that accreditation ensures that the degree is accepted by professional organizations.

Next, students shouldn’t be afraid to ask about the learning format of the online courses. Some people work very well on their own while others enjoy discussing lessons with other students. Knowing ahead of time how much discipline and independence is required of its students as well as how much interplay will happen with other students is very important.

In addition, prospective students are advised to audit one or two of the online masters courses. Just like people should try on clothes before buying them, auditing a web-based class before signing up can give students a first-hand look at how online courses work.

By following these tips and more, aspiring college students who wish to enroll in online master degree programs can rest assured they are doing all they can to select the right school for them and their particular set of circumstances.

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