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Intelicus Education Directory Showcases Nonprofit Online Master’s Degree Program School Benefits


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2012 -- Online educational directory Intelicus.com has been showcasing the benefits of pursuing a masters degree online from a nonprofit university with great success. The directory provides detailed information on many of America’s best nonprofit schools and degrees with an emphasis on online masters degrees.

While it is difficult getting ahead without an advanced degree in today’s marketplace, it has become an equal challenge to do so with a degree from a sub-par college or university. Unfortunately, many of these schools fall into the new crop of for-profit colleges with suspect curriculums and faculty.

While not all are guilty of sub-standard academics and degrees, the desire for avoidance has led many students to seek information about the accredited and academically rigorous nonprofit colleges and universities via Intelicus.com. “Students need every dollar to count so they’re looking to the website for information on nonprofit schools where they are certain their academic needs will be met,” said an Intelicus education directory representative.

Intelicus has become a prime information source for everyone seeking a masters degree online. By limiting its information to nonprofit schools with the highest standing in academia, students can rest assured that their eventual choice will yield a degree that is recognized in the business world. “All of the nonprofit schools showcased on the website have a long history of academic excellence, which is something the newest crop of for-profit schools has been unable to consistently show,” said the directory representative.

All of the schools provide a number of degree programs and all of them offer online masters degrees. Prospective students will find such prestigious schools as Northwestern University, MarylHurst University and the University of Florida. These schools offer program tracks ranging from online masters degree in business administration to a Green MBA to take advantage of the burgeoning environmental sustainability career options. “All of the universities provide students with a wealth of options that will lead to meaningful degrees respected in the working world, so they can be sure their money and time is well spent,” said the Intelicus representative.

Intelicus provides an extensive career guide and educational resource sections to help students choose the best school for their goals. The website also gives detailed information on financial aid and other important aspects of the universities and curriculums. For more information, please visit http://www.intelicus.com

About Intelicus
Intelicus is the premier education directory of nonprofit online degrees with an emphasis on online master’s degree program tracks. The directory includes detailed information on the top nonprofit institutions in the country as well as extensive information on more than 50 online master’s degree program tracks. The website also provides extensive educational resource information, articles, guides and tips for prospective students.