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Intelicus Launches Website to Provide Students With Information on Attaining a Masters Degree Online


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2012 -- Intelicus announced today the official launch of the company’s website that provides students with the premiere education directory of non-profit online masters degree programs from around the country. The directory includes only the best online programs from top-tier schools to give students seeking a masters degree online all the information they need to successfully graduate.

Intelicus has excluded for-profit institutions that often increase their enrollments through tactics such as massive marketing campaigns. By including only non-profit online masters degree programs dedicated to excellence, students will be able to choose from only the best institutions, including Boston University, Northwestern University, the University of Florida, the University of Cincinnati and many more. Intelicus also offers information on dozens of online masters degree programs.

“For students looking to pursue a masters degree online, we’ve provided all the resources they need to be successful,” said a company spokesman for Intelicus. “We even give students in-depth program information to ensure they’re as prepared as possible before entering their program of choice.”

Aside for providing students with schools and programs to choose from, Intelicus also breaks down in painstaking detail exactly what an online masters degree entails. Additionally, the company gives students information on how long it typically takes to complete the degree – roughly one to three years – and how much students can expect tuition to cost them.

Another resource on the Intelicus website features information for career and salary outlooks after completing the degree. Students with an online masters degree can expect to make approximately $200 more per week than peers that only hold a bachelor’s degree. The degree will also greatly increase the chances of promotion from within the workplace.

Intelicus also helps students determine how to choose the right online program. There are a few things students need to take into consideration, including if the program they want to attend is accredited, the format of the program, auditing classes before enrolling, the reputation of the school they want to attend and more.

About Intelicus
Intelicus is the Internet’s premier education directory of non-profit online masters degree programs. The company provides the only education directory online that explicitly excludes for-profit schools to provide students with universities that deliver academic excellence. In-depth information regarding degree programs such as the Masters in Education, Masters in Social Work, Masters in Engineering and dozens more are all provided to give students everything they need to be successful.

For more information, please visit http://www.intelicus.com.