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Intelicus Lists Best Nonprofit Universities Providing Variety of Online Master’s Degree Programs


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- With the growing concerns about many for-profit institutions of higher learning, the online educational directory Intelicus offers potential students an expansive view of pursuing a master degree online from a nonprofit institution. Intelicus is the Internet’s premier education directory of nonprofit online schools and degrees with an emphasis on online master’s degree program tracks.

While there are many institutions of higher learning that are aggressively marketing themselves, effective marketing does not always equate to an effective education. The Intelicus online degree directory has become a strong voice and educational advocate with a distinctive bias that favors the student’s best interest.

Unlike other online directories that provide information on schools and education tracks to obtain a master degree online, Intelicus is the only online education directory that explicitly excludes for-profit schools. “Many nonprofit schools have spent decades or even centuries building a solid curriculum, exceptional faculty and a determination to deliver academic excellence,” said an Intelicus education directory representative. “This stands in stark contrast to many of the new for-profit schools with high-pressure sales tactics and little else.”

Intelicus concentrates on established nonprofit schools with a rigorous attention to educational excellence and the relationship between student, school and the workforce. With well-respected schools such as Boston University, Northwestern University, the University of Cincinnati, the University of Florida and a host of others, students are assured of degrees that are meaningful in the marketplace. “Students that gain admission to these schools must work hard to earn the valuable education they provide and are rewarded with a degree that means something to employers,” said the Intelicus representative.

The Websites provides detailed definitions of more than fifty online master’s degree program and bachelor degree program tracks such as Education, MBA, health Administration, Engineering, Nursing, IT, Renewable Energy, Criminal Justice and many more. In addition, extensive career guide and educational resource sections provide information on financial aid, test prep and student profiles that follow students from application to graduation and beyond. Other resources include articles, How to's, advice and tips full of useful information about online learning. For more information, please visit http://www.intelicus.com

About Intelicus
Intelicus is the Internet’s premier education directory of nonprofit online degrees with an emphasis on online master’s degree program tracks. The directory includes detailed information on the top nonprofit institutions in the country as well as extensive information on more than 50 online master’s degree program tracks. The Website also provides extensive educational resource information, articles, guides and tips for prospective students.