Adjunct Management Staff Viewed as Realization of Peter F. Drucker's Vision of Intellectual Capital on Demand


Bethesda, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2013 -- Solutions Reservoir™, an on-demand marketing consultancy for high-tech industries, has released a video presentation discussing the realization of management pioneer Peter F. Drucker’s vision for applying outsourcing for specialized management talent, drawing upon what he called Intellectual Capital on Demand. By analogy with adjunct teaching staff, Solutions Reservoir calls this talent adjunct management staff as its purpose and mission are focused and strictly on-demand. The video presentation, Harnessing Intellectual Capital on Demand, uses the example of applying this talent in the context of marketing management in high-tech.

The discussion makes a number of observations about applying adjunct staffing. These include an advocacy for maintaining some constancy in the adjunct staffing so that organizational knowledge is developed and retained in both directions, as well as noting the high degree of specialization that adjunct staff can offer. Commenting on the latter regarding website content and the need for adjunct specialists, Solutions Reservoir principal Darrell Tanno said, “Customers research solutions well before contacting potential suppliers, even to the extent of pre-screening them, so the quality of your content will help or hurt you. This can put small companies on an even footing with larger competitors, but it means everyone has to bring their A-game, and it’s a perfect example of when you want to tap a specialist.” The discussion concludes with the many benefits of tapping adjunct staff, especially noting its focus, cost-effectiveness and its use to mitigate risk.

Harnessing Intellectual Capital on Demand, subtitled Adjunct Marketing in High-Tech Environments, can be reached via the Solutions Reservoir website.

About Solutions Reservoir™
Solutions Reservoir LLC is based in Bethesda, MD and provides adjunct marketing support in high-tech with specialization in the data center, data/telecom, cloud/IT and wireless/RF/satellite industries. Blending deep marketing and technical skills, it provides strategic and tactical interim marketing support with strength in product management and product/solutions marketing, and content creation to bolster its clients’ standing as recognized experts in their markets. For critical projects, high-tech marketing organizations can draw upon Solutions Reservoir’s skilled marketing expertise to come in as adjunct marketing staff, complete the task, and move on.

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