Intelligent Data Services Inc. Customers Learn of Samsung's 5G Network Development


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Intelligent Data Services B2B customers were intrigued when they learned that despite the fact that countries such as China and the UK have not yet completed their rolling out of the 4G mobile phone network, Samsung, the South Korean corporation, is now claiming that it will be releasing a 5G network within just a few years. This would allow phone users to enjoy high speed network access which is one hundred times faster than the speed currently being offered.

Intelligent Data Services Facebook fans are excited about this new technology, as in theory, this 5G network would provide them with the chance to enjoy a much wider range of services on their phones – they could watch ultra high definition content in real time, and play 3D games and movies, without their devices slowing down or freezing, as the network would allow for vast amounts of data to be transmitted, without limitation. Samsung has called this technology ‘mmWave Mobile’ and has said that this is the first system which will be able to offer 5G network connections. However, many other companies have been experimenting with this type of connectivity – Intelligent Data Services Youtube users can recall the University of Surrey’s announcement last year, in which it stated that it would be funding £35million worth of research into this technology.

But up until a few months ago, many scientists were convinced that high frequency wavebands could not be used for mobile networks, as these wavebands were not compatible with long range communications. A representative from Samsung explained that its research has shown that very high frequencies are in fact suitable for long distance connections, provided the correct transceiver technology is used. This technology has been developed by Samsung and according to the statement released by the corporation, it is now able to transmit data at significantly higher frequencies, using 64 antenna elements.

The Samsung representative explained that this latest innovation from their organisation is expected to encourage more research into this form of network connectivity – they believe that it will trigger faster commercialisation of services related to mobile broadband. Intelligent Data Services UK clients were disappointed to hear that the 5G network will not be available commercially for at least seven years. Samsung have explained that they will need to concentrate on developing the necessary mobile infrastructure, and carry out further experimentation before they can roll out this network.

Samsung are current working on creating a 5G network connection, which will allow smartphone users to enjoy lightning fast download speeds on their devices. The technology is still in the development stage, and is expected to be available by 2020.

John Smith