Intelligent Data Services MacFarlane - LinkedIn and Facebook Lead B2B Social Marketing


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- B2B (Business to Business) marketing utilised by companies such as Intelligent Data Services B2B is making huge strides by using Facebook and LinkedIn as the major social media contact arenas. Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing also sees some advantages with social media use, but the B2B marketers are finding the most success. Facebook is an excellent way to view the work done with current and previous clients and begin to understand how social media can assist your business.

LinkedIn is another point of contact and great tool for understanding the business and individual contacts associated with a marketing firm. Associations can lend a large amount of information and be a useful tool in choosing a firm to hire for your benefit. The strength of these associations and the intelligence to form content that will bring as many great contacts forward for your business is what you want for a positive end result. Intelligent Data Services databases hold information and contacts that have assisted many previous and current clients. Those databases are what drive leads to your business.

Allowing Intelligent Data Services 0141 to work with social media on behalf of their clients not only drives traffic to the client’s website but it allows the client insight into other businesses and consumers. Partnerships can be built by sharing information via social media and other business followings and associations can be achieved. Intelligent Data Services Twitter is another outreach and contact within the social media jungle. Reaching all aspects and corners of social media is important for B2B marketing success.

It would seem that the social media craze would be over by this point and that marketing using social media would be considered old hat, but it seems to be trending otherwise. According to the online magazine Social Media Examiner, about half of the online marketers have been using social media for more than one year, so it is still a relatively new market to tap.

About Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is not primarily done to increase profits for a business; it is more about increasing awareness of a business or product. Exposure in the right areas of the Internet can lead to many opportunities and new associations, so that is the goal of social media marketing. Gain a following, improve search rankings, and save on traditional marketing expenses while advancing important website traffic.