Intelligent Data Services Twitter Followers Discuss the Latest Box Office Hits


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- The highly-anticipated film, The Great Gatsby has not been able to knock Iron Man 3, the comic book blockbuster, off its number one seat at the box office in the UK. Clients of Intelligent Data Services MacFarlane were delighted when they read that the talented Baz Luhrmann would be taking the classic F Scott Fitzgerald novel onto the big screen. However, it has not, as of yet, beaten the Robert Downey sequel, despite the fact that takings for the latter have dropped by fifty eight percent this week. The Great Gatsby also has another rival in the form of the comedy blockbuster ‘Peeples’. The opening takings for this were £3.2 million.

Intelligent Data Services Youtube users also learned that the total earnings for Iron Man 3 have now exceeded £185.4 million, just a week and a half after the film’s release in the USA. Worldwide takings for this production are equally impressive, standing at £617 million in total – this is £200 million more than its predecessor, Iron Man 2, took in. A box office analyst named Paul Dergarabedian stated that this film is likely to be one of the most successful superhero films in history. In less than a fortnight, it has earned an enormous amount of money which, Paul believes, is a testament to just how popular the main character has become.

Intelligent Data Services 0141 clients read that although it came in second place to Iron Man 3, the Great Gatsby is still doing extraordinarily well by normal standards, with many expecting it to earn just over £26 million in the opening weekend in the UK. Jay Gatsby is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and his co-stars include Toby Maguire and Carey Mulligan. Warner Bros research indicates that more than two thirds of the audience for this film are aged twenty five and over, a point which confirms what the head of distribution at the studio said about the production – he explained that it was a film which was perfect for those looking for a mature and complex storyline.

Baz Lurhmann has seen a great deal of success in his day – like millions of other film fanatics; Intelligent Data Services LinkedIn friends loved Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet. However, it looks as if The Great Gatsby will be the director’s biggest achievement yet, as the takings for this film continue to rise dramatically.

The newly-released film The Great Gatsby battles with Iron Man 3 for the top spot at the US box office. So far, Iron Man 3 appears to be winning, with earnings of several hundred million dollars, but industry experts expect The Great Gatsby to take the lead over the coming weeks.

John Smith