Intelligent Wear Pushes Futuristic Ideals to Now


Leipzeig, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2014 -- Digitized and electronic clothing is not looming in the wearable future, it is available now. New futuristic attire is forthcoming with brilliant t-shirts and other clothing which can display design images that come from many online sources. iWear is interactive clothing that is certain to turn heads and sure to stop traffic. Imagine displaying an image of aurora borealis on a t-shirt, where movement of the wearer is interactively translated into light patterns and shown on the display panel. Moving images (video) and still images from a smartphone, tablet or smart watch can easily be displayed on the clothing. This smart textile easily becomes truly innovative with the Android and iOS friendly app, chargers and the use of detachable batteries.

iWear clothing is the brainchild of visionaries Daniel Priese and Christoph Treder, who came up with the idea a little over a year ago. Their innovation clothing features movement sensors, microcontrollers and a wafer-thin OLED touch display reflective film. That film, along with an app and Bluetooth, causes the t-shirt to become a type of projection screen.

T-shirts of this caliber borrow from moving billboards, screen print clothing, video imaging and interactive products on the market. Yet, they could give screen print wear a run for the money.

There is also the intelligent t-shirt, which feature a network of threads and tiny sensors (acceleration and inactivity sensors) which runs through the intelligent t-shirt and reports vital signs and warns of heart disruptions, dehydration and other health concerns. In addition to these features, which augment fitness goals, it calculates and measures necessary parameters. With fitness accountability partners, iWear users can compare their results with others using the same wearable technology.

Jackets and pullovers with smart textile features are also in the clothing line. Like the t-shirts, they are available for males and females.

The under 30 year olds merged their interest in clothing lifestyle and technical innovations and enthusiasm for streetwear and then obtained support from a software developer, IT specialists, industrial designer, graphic and fashion designers and a microelectronics engineer to help them produce and perfect the animated design wear. Input from the Fraunhofer Institut and IMS for technical implementation, as well as the fitness community and others also enabled them to develop their idea in such a way that they've received a nod from the fashion industry and technical community alike.

One special value adding perk is the opportunity to co-design clothing. This opportunity serves as a reward for contributors at certain pledge levels. Most pledge levels feature clothing from the iWear line, including shorts, pants, t-shirt, polo shirts and hoodies.

The success of this campaign will help bring the various prototypes to mass production.


In support of its Crowdfunding campaign, iWear is committed to:

-Going to production with the iWear label

-Making the first set of technical applications available on the open marketplace

-Continuing to innovate new smart wear applications

-Providing all promised perks to reward supporters of the campaign

The Indiegogo campaign’s initial goal of €260,000 is currently active and runs through July 23, 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Full details about the Indiegogo campaign including sponsorship and involvement levels can be found at:

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