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Intelligible Sourcing Offers New Customers 30% off First Purchase

Online Inventory and Retail Assistant Seeks to Help Online Stores Flourish


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- The availability of the internet, from laptops to mobile phones to tablets, has made online stores more prevalent than ever. People love to shop online, and frequently look to learn about products online before making a purchase. Despite that, there are plenty of entrepreneurs who are unsure how to get an online store up and running. Both the technologically inept and online retail nubile can benefit from the advice and inventory of Intelligible Sourcing. Getting their start last year, the California-based company specializes in helping online stores get on their feet and in helping their owners reap the rewards. Their virtual inventory is very valuable, allowing new online retailers access to hundreds of great products. New sign-ups can simply select the products they'd most like to sell, and build their online database! Most recently they offered a substantial 30% off new customers' first purchase, to further incentive new sign-ups.

How does it work? Simple. Aspiring online store owners simply sign up with Intelligible Sourcing, select products from the virtual inventory, and get to selling. Customers can also add their own products to sell of course, but the availability of products primed and prep for sales is a huge plus. Plus, the suppliers themselves are well vetted, and represent some of the best available products today.

The 30% incentive is certainly an attractive element for the fledgling company, who hopes their offer attracts sellers that have been hesitant in the past. "We really want to attract anyone and everyone that wants to sell online. From long time retailers to first time businesspeople, our method is easy-to-learn and use," explained Intelligible Sourcing founder and owner Amy Liu. She continued, saying "Starting and maintaining an online store does not have to be this daunting process, and our goal is to help lift that veil and allow amateur sellers to get in on the online market."

About Intelligible Sourcing
Now in its second year, Intelligible Sourcing is a California-based company that helps entrepreneurs to open and grow their very own online stores. Their inventory is chock full of products from a variety of industries: fashion, jewelry, electronics, home d├ęcor, sports, and pets & supplies. Interested aspiring business owners can open an account and populate their online store with any of the products from the aforementioned inventory. They may also add their own products as they see fit, and integrate their online market with Facebook, eBay and more.

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