Interactive Pet Health Kiosk Outweighs Traditional Business Practices

Innovative Pet Care


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Consumer health and wellness kiosks are evolving at a rate never seen before. Following in this surging trend, has stemmed a line of interactive pet health kiosks. EZ Vet, LLC, has created various pet health kiosks that aim to revolutionize the pet health market. From offering a free pet weight analysis, to tele-vet exams offered in retail locations, these kiosks offer huge business potential and will help build a cohesive relationship between the retail stores, pet brand manufacturers and veterinarians.

The main force behind the new EZ Vet interactive pet health kiosks is the need for improved customer convenience, quality pet care and accessibility. Utilizing custom built interactive and user-friendly software, combined with convenient locations and quality kiosk services; EZ Vet is setting a new standard in pet health care. The revolution of interactive health kiosks has created a highly engaged and responsive consumer and a well-informed and enabled retailer.

Not only do the EZ Vet kiosks offer valuable tools for pet owners to monitor their pet’s health, but they offer businesses a new and effective approach to target, reach and interact with these engaged consumers to gain their loyalty, trust and business. The Paw Watcher’s kiosk for example, offers a free pet weight analysis for the customer. Based off of the pet’s current weight, type of pet, breed, gender and age, it offers a truly personalized analysis. The retailer gains this data along with the pet owners email address, phone number, pet’s name and birthday. This important data identifying the target market can be utilized in automated personalized email and text campaigns to expand the client’s experience and build customer retention and loyalty.

Pet obesity is a serious issue!

Pet obesity is a serious issue in the United States, and growing. Pet obesity rates continued to increase in 2013, and with the number of overweight cats reaching an all-time high. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) found that 52.5% of dogs and 58.3% of cats are considered overweight or obese by their veterinarian. That equals approximately 80 million U.S. dogs and cats that are overweight, and now have an increased risk for weight-related disorders such as diabetes, osteoarthritis and hypertension. The EZ Vet- Paw Watchers kiosk offers a convenient way to help monitor a pet’s weight to make sure they do not fall into this growing trend.

EZ Vet launched the Paw Watchers kiosk concept in South Florida in 2013 and has several retail locations scheduled throughout the US in 2014. A clinical version is also available for use in veterinary practices and animal hospitals. Paw Watchers is more than just a useful tool for monitoring a pet’s weight- it offers responsive marketing. “The Paw Watchers kiosk is also a great tool for retailers and veterinarians with its automated email and texting system, data capture and analysis and instant coupon generation to promote product and service sales.”

One's waiting room can be their biggest asset!

Most practices use a television for client education or entertainment in their waiting rooms. EZ Vet kiosks directly interact with this captive audience and allows for enhanced client communication, compliance and practice efficiency.

The purpose of the Clinical EZ Vet kiosk is to assist veterinary practices in their education and marketing efforts of important pet health services; such as routine dental cleanings or special products they would like to promote. EZ Vet offers an innovative approach to informing and engaging clients on available services and products that make for happy healthy pets, and ultimately making for a better client experience. The cutting-edge EZ Vet kiosk and custom software is designed to increase doctor- client communication by encouraging patients to inquire about featured products and services, thereby removing the doctor from the role of salesman so they can focus on delivering quality veterinary medicine.


- Receive a valuable free pet care service-Free Pet Weight Analysis

- Receive valuable and pertinent money -saving coupons on the spot

- Receive pertinent pet education through email or text messages

- Receive discounts from affiliated brands or services (e.g. local veterinarian services, pet health products)


- Engage customers directly when they are “aisles not miles away”

- Instant customer profiling and demographic/data capture

- Customize and automate marketing campaigns-expand the customer’s experience

- Captivate target audience through responsive digital advertising

About EZ Vet Kiosk
The EZ Vet Kiosk with its interactive software and impressive digital signage can transform a waiting room or retail space into a sales and info center. The EZ Vet kiosk offers customized digital advertising and pet education, customized client portal, personalized pet weight analysis, and efficient and effective integration with existing client management systems. It’s like having a full-time sales representative at Everyone's service!

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