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Interactive Tappable Tales ... Captivating Narratives for the Digital Age

Harnessing the power of iOS technology, readers are able to immerse themselves in stories like never before. Michael and Muffy Berlyn are leading this revolution with Tappable Tales, a unique literary concept that puts the power of story firmly in the hands of the reader.


Gainesville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2012 -- From eBooks to the advent of the electronic reader, the digital age is equipping readers with a myriad of new and exciting ways to engage with literature. However, none is quite as unique as Tappable Tales™, an immersive and powerful story format developed by entertainment veterans Michael and Muffy Berlyn.

Tappable Tales™ uses the latest in touch-screen iOS technology to place readers directly into each story, immersed in the action. By exploring places, people, ideas and interactions, readers are able to experience the story by simply tapping on wherever their path of discovery and imagination may lead.

“This results in a reconstructed story which takes shape in the readers’ mind. Everything is experienced according to the readers’ natural decisions and desires – resulting in the ‘perfect’ story,” explains Michael Berlyn.

He continues, “No two readers will tap through the story in the same way. Everyone’s experience will be their own and each rendition of the story will be unique.”

The Berlyn’s developed the Tappable Tales™ concept following decades of experience in the entertainment and video game world. In fact, their concept is the world’s only interactive fiction to allow the reader to interact with actual story content.

The couple has already penned four successful novels, as well as more than two dozen game products.

“We truly believe that our experience as authors, artists, musicians and programmers both dictated and made this evolution of the narrative possible,” Muffy Berlyn adds.

The couple’s first interactive Tappable Tales™ release is The Art of Murder, a gripping murder mystery which places readers directly at their desk as a member of the local Police Department. Readers will need to work their way through the evidence, set their own path of investigation and decide for themselves who really killed Lola Perone.

“There really is no other product like this. Our ultimate aim is to take the hallmarks of an engaging story and tear away the pages, pick the reader up, and place them directly into the narrative. The way they experience the story really is in their own hands,” Michael concludes.

The Art of Murder is available on all iOS devices running Version 3.2 or later, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, for $3.99 on the App Store.

For more information, please check out the official Tappable Tales™ website: http://www.tappabletales.com

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About The Berlyns
The Berlyns have been creating fiction, interactive fiction, and video games since the beginning of the digital age.

They are the authors and/or collaborators on over two dozen computer and console games, four novels, and two CDs.

They have consulted with the Department of Defense, developed products for Apple, Sega, Nintendo, Playstation among others, and have published novels with Ace, Ballentine Books and Wm. Morrow.