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Hounslow West, Middlesex -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- The need of the hour is speed in which aspect that is considered. Typing is one need that would be absolutely essential for everyone who is keen on progressing in their career. As the demand for fast communication is now in vogue, typing would help to meet targets quicker and enable usage of a desktop or a laptop to a large extent. The work that is usually done in an hour can be condensed to as less a few minutes, provided the speed of typing is equally high.

There are many online free resources that help to learn typing. Most of them are boring and mundane with the methodology of teaching typing and this can lead to disinterest among the learners. An interactive and new methodology is created by typingdaddy.com which would help learners not learn how to type but also excel in typing. The primary difference that can be noticed in this typing tutorial is that it is interactive, which means that the methodology that is used to teach typing is unique and in line with the current trends. Online gaming has become so rampant that there is nothing that is highly accessed than the gaming websites. The typing tutorial has incorporated the gaming style into teaching typing which is one attractive feature of the tutorial. This would not only invoke interest in the learners but would also help them excel as they compete with other learners and achieve higher scores.

Typingdaddy.com is designed to support those who are keen on typing at a laser speed and the site guarantees it through their lessons and the tests that follow each of the lessons. Unlike other typing tutorials which are very academic, this tutorial is designed to suit the current needs. It not only focuses on enabling high speed typing but also makes people interactive through typing which is again another challenge to speed typing. The games that are designed around typing and the competitions are one of a kind and would interest any age level. This is the most innovative approach to teaching typing especially in any age when technology is encompassing every field of study. As a free resource, it can be accessed any number of times and the benefits of typing are incomparable. To access this amazing typing tutorial log onto http://typingdaddy.com/ . For any queries contact contact@typingdaddy.com.

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