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‘InterestCalc’ Launches Free Online Calculator That Projects Future Value of Savings & Investments


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) --03/01/2012 -- As the economy continues to stay on the shaky side, people across the country are doing all they can to cut back on expenses, save money, and think ahead to retirement.

But for many, knowing exactly how much money they will need in order to retire comfortably is unknown. Being unsure about if and when they will be able to stop working and enjoy their golden years can be extremely stressful to people, who have more often than not watched their retirement funds dwindle away.

A new website was recently launched that can help people get a good idea of how much their savings and investments will be worth in the future.

InterestCalc.org, which started in February, includes an investment calculator that is already becoming popular with visitors to the website who would like to project the future value of their money.

“Accurately projecting the value of your savings is essential when planning for the future,” an article on the website said.

“We found many tools that could do this for us, but we were not happy with any of them. We created InterestCalc.org to fill this need for a quick, accurate and easy to use tool that could help us plan our finances for the future.”

For people who want to work out how much they should put away in savings to have a certain amount at retirement, all they need to do is play around with different monthly investments and rates of return combinations on the calculator.

Or, those who are considering putting a certain amount into a term deposit can easily determine how much that amount of money would be worth in the future.

As a bonus, InterestCalc.org offers three versions of its compound interest calculator as handy compound interest widgets that can be used by others to improve their websites.

For example, the WordPress plugin will work with WordPress 3.0+ and can either display in a sidebar or be included inside a page or be posted on a blog.

The staff at InterestCalc.org are committed to providing the best product they can. Visitors to the site are always welcome to contact them to offer suggestions on new features that they would like to see included in the compound interest calculator.

About InterestCalc.org
InterestCalc.org is a new website, launched in February of 2012. It was originally created to fill our personal need for a quick, accurate and easy to use tool that could help us plan our finances for the future. This tool is now available to the general public along with widgets that users can employ to improve their own websites.

For more information, please visit http://www.interestcalc.org/