Interested in Medical Transcription Work? Make Sure to Look Into Business Transcription Work First

Check out business transcription work before buying a medical transcription course.


Oceanside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- How To Get General and Business Transcription Work From Home, a downloadable start-up kit created by Leva Duell provides all the tools you'll need to get transcription work and become a work-at-home transcriptionist.

Transcription work is one of the most popular home-based jobs. Almost every business requires transcription services and many outsource transcription to home-based transcriptionists. Transcriptionists receive audio files, use a word processing program to type what they hear on the recording and send the typed document back to the client or transcription company.

Many people don’t know that general and business transcription work do not require specialized training. Both medical and legal transcription requires knowledge of specialized terms.

But business transcription does not require the steep learning curve you have to get into medical transcription. You don't need to know medical or legal terminology, and you don't need a certificate, degree or diploma. You can start getting general and business transcription work without spending time and money on medical transcription training and without having to work as a transcriptionist for two or more years in a hospital.

General and business transcription work from home is a great opportunity for stay at home moms, students and people who have good typing and English skills and wants to make money from home. You can work where you want. You can enjoy working out of the comfort of your home and be near your family. You don’t have a boss, you have flexible work hours and the work is interesting.

Because of the Internet, email and other new technologies, freelance transcriptionists can work anywhere. All you need to do transcription work is a computer and a fast Internet connection. There is no need to receive audio cassettes through the mail since audio files and the finished, typed document are sent through the Internet.

Leva Duell has released a transcription start-up kit with many resources to help you get general and business transcription work from home. This insider information will make it easier for you to become a general and business transcriptionist. It covers everything you need to know to start providing transcription services from home, including how to get started, what equipment and software to use, how to get work, what kinds of business frequently need transcription services, what to charge, industry conventions and more. You’ll also get promotional materials, sample agreements, templates and formatting tips that will help a new transcriptionist feel self-confident in getting started with transcription work from home.

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