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Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- offers celebrity court files, wills, testaments, celebrity divorce filings and many more for those who want to collect these merely out of hobby or those ardent fans of celebrities. All the documents are real and are available in the form of PDF files. These files are not just text files but real court file copies. Customers will be able to see the court stamps, signatures of celebrities, staple marks, misspellings and many more. This site offers more than 100 celebrity court files. Customers can find documents pertaining to famous personalities, Hollywood stars, politicians, authors, singers, writers, actors, actresses and celebrities such as Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Rudolph Valentino, Elvis Presley, Alfred J. Hitchcock, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Marilyn Monroe and many more.

All the celebrity court files are scanned copies that are housed by various government agencies, mostly in the US. Most of these documents are ages old that have been handled multiple times and this is one of the reason viewers may see some wear and tear. The description of each document provides the condition of each document. All files can be purchased and then downloaded. Most of the documents have signatures from the celebrities themselves, real court stamps, listings of finances, event dates and much more.

Those who want to know a little more about their favorite celebrities, such as their personal lives, financial listings, last will and testament and divorce filings, will find these documents to be eye opening. These documents can also be used for journals or articles in magazines or biographies.

Customers need to register with the site in order to make a purchase and download the celebrity documents. One can get the real facts with the help of these documents. Customers will also get a short description about the celebrity and the documents available regarding each particular celebrity. From Princess Diana’s last will and testament to Michael Jackson’s sexual battery civil complaint, one can find loads of interesting documents here.

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About is based in Henderson, Nevada and is a site that offers celebrity court files such as divorce filings, certificates of death, last wills & testaments, miscellaneous court documents and so on.

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