Interesting Statistics on Who Reads the Terms of Service

A survey distributed by an identity protection company reveals surprising facts.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- San Francisco, CA - A recent survey was published by (BIDTC) that shows which consumers actually take the time to read the Terms and Services before making a purchase online and which do not. This survey was conducted to over 1,000 consumers of all different demographics. Within each demographic, interesting data emerged. Below is the exact question that was handed to the consumers and the results. Upon further reading, you’ll find out which demographics made up the most of these responses.

How often do you read the Terms of Service/Conditions before purchasing a service online?

A) Often – 23.8 percent
B) Sometimes – 22.7 percent
C) Seldom – 18.6 percent
D) Never – 34.9 percent

Do more consumers read the Terms of Service information before making purchases or do more ignore it?

According to's most recent blog post on the subject, more consumers skip reading the Terms and make their purchase.

"The statistics found while comparing age were especially interesting to me," said Rachel Patterson, a Content Manager for "It just proves how different the habits are of each generation."

Rachel was referring to the very clear and statistically proven finding that older consumers were much more likely to read through the Terms of Service while younger consumers would "never" read through them.

Another interesting fact was uncovered in their research. Their comparison by income revealed that most of those consumers making less than $25,000 yearly also never read the Terms and Services before making a purchase. But did that mean the highest-earning group would "often" read the Terms? Not necessarily. The $150,000 plus group all fell into the category of "seldom" reading the terms.

About believes it's extremely important to always go through the Terms and Services (or Terms and Conditions) before making any sort of purchase or using any kind of service online. They have even gone as far as breaking down important points in each Terms of Service section for whatever identity theft company you are reviewing, and posting it in easier terms to understand. You can check it out on BIDTC, under any of their company reviews. does more than break down contract terms for each company they review, they also provide tips and resources on all things related to identity theft.

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