New Article Outlines Management Rationale for Harnessing Virtual Marketing Staff

Article by high-tech marketing consultancy Solutions Reservoir concludes that contracted, interim marketing support professionals can be applied widely and should have a place in every marketing department’s toolkit.


Bethesda, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- In a newly-released article, Solutions Reservoir™, a marketing consultancy for high-tech industries, describes the rationale and circumstances under which marketing management should take advantage of contracted, interim marketing support. The article, Marketing’s Arsenal in Reserve – Contracted, Interim Marketing, uses a number of examples to outline the case for interim marketing support. It concludes that such support has a place in a marketing department’s toolkit and budget, just as there is with external public relations and other marketing support functions.

While recognizing that constraints on marketing departments will leave some important tasks unaddressed, the article argues that the cost of this inaction should be weighed against the gain and cost of harnessing interim marketing support. It states that interim support personnel can bring a high degree of focus to the specific task(s) at hand and that interim support cost is comparable to that for in-house staff.

Looking beyond interim support solely to address workload peaks, the article outlines a number of situations where interim support can be applied as a tool of management. For example, the flexibility offered to experiment with or to define positions before hiring commitments are made.

In reaching its conclusion that drawing upon interim marketing support should be a routine action of marketing management, the article notes that even after any specific contract period, these relationships continue to add value through ongoing sharing of information, insights and personal networks.

Commenting on the use of interim marketing support, Solutions Reservoir principal Darrell Tanno noted, “Harnessed as virtual marketing staff, interim personnel add tremendous value and marketing organizations that don’t draw upon this resource are overlooking a major asset at their disposal”.

Marketing’s Arsenal in Reserve – Contracted, Interim Marketing is available via the Solutions Reservoir website..

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