Joe Bragg Releases Guide on Buying Best Quality Knitted Cushions


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- The right knitted cushion can bring an entire room together. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of a knitted cushion and end up settling for inferior, low-quality products that can prevent a room from achieving its full design potential.

That’s a problem that wants to help homeowners avoid. At, visitors will find a number of interior design tips and tricks.

The website recently released a guide on buying the best knitted cushions for any type of home or interior design style. The guide lists shopping tips and advice for anyone who is ready to buy a knitted cushion in the near future.

A spokesperson for explains how the guide came to be:

“Many people are unaware how important cushions can be when it comes to interior design. A bad cushion can make a beautiful couch look out-of-place, while beautiful cushions can tie a whole room together. The average homeowner is often unaware exactly how different cushions work, which is why we decided to publish our knitted cushions guide.”

One of the first things to decide about a knitted cushion is its shape. Buyers have to decide whether the cushion will be square or circular. Circular cushions tend to be eye-catching but might seem out-of-place in a conventional-themed living room.

Another important feature to consider is color. A quality knitted cushion color will complement the couch or chair in the room while also matching the color of the walls or wallpaper. Bad cushion colors clash with their surrounding environments and are a sign of poor interior decorating.

Ultimately, as the spokesperson explains, it comes down to personal preference:

“Choosing the right knitted cushion isn’t rocket science. At the end of the day, people will buy the cushion that they think looks best. It’s their home and they are free to decorate that home however they please. We simply seek to establish a guideline for those who want to learn more about shopping for knitted cushions.”

Those interested in learning more about interior design or knitted cushions can visit today for more information.

About is an interior design and decorating website. The site recently released a shopper’s guide for knitted cushions which explains how to choose the right color, style, and shape of cushion for any type of room. For more information, please visit: