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Interlaken Improves Pressure Testing Systems for Leak Testing, Burst Testing and Impulse Testing


Chaska, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Interlaken improves Pressure Testing Systems for impulse testing, leak testing and burst testing by increasing the size of the testing space for standard systems. The significant increase of testing space allows for the testing of larger components without increasing the overall footprint of Interlaken’s standard pressure testing system. The test space is constructed of extruded aluminum with two layers of polycarbonate for maximum safety and visibility; it also has an automated door, interlocked to the safety system so it cannot be opened if there is any pressure in the cabinet.

Combining their expertise in ultra-high pressure, controls, data acquisition and high-force hydraulics, Interlaken’s integrated package offers the dependability of a production system coupled with the precision, repeatability and data acquisition necessary for production and R&D.

Typical applications include fuel system components such as, rails, lines and pumps. Many more applications have been identified in HVAC, aerospace and defense. Standard systems are available for pressures from 250psi to 100,000psi (17bar to 7,000bar). The system can be configured with custom, quick-change fixtures for high-volume production or with more universal configurations for research and development work.

There are many sensor technologies available such as pressure decay, vacuum decay and mass flow. Interlaken integrates the appropriate sensor technology and can incorporate such capabilities as data collection and analysis, part marking and material handling. Interlaken’s control module can communicate with other shop floor control systems via Ethernet, ProfiBus or CanBus.

These systems come with a network ready digital controller for closed-loop machine control and real-time data acquisition. Control solutions for many pressure applications such as impulse testing, leak testing and burst testing are available. The distributed architecture control system can also be custom configured with the graphical interface.

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