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Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss Expert IntermittentFastingReviews.com Publishes New Articles


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- http://www.intermittentfastingreviews.com/, a website dedicated to informing the public about weight loss methods, recently unveiled its new collection of articles to the public. The website’s latest articles and reviews cover common topics in the weight loss niche, such as water fasting, juice cleanse recipes, alternate day diets, liquid diets, intermittent fasting for weight loss, and more.

“We have carried on in depth research and used personal experiences to provide unique and informative content on these extremely popular topics of the weight loss niche,” stated a representative of the website. “After conducting thorough investigations, we give our verdict on these methods.”

Each of the articles published on IntermittentFastingReviews.com contains a comprehensive overview of the product. For example, in the website’s review of Eat Stop Eat, an intermittent fasting system, information is provided about the system, its origins and creator, and its official guide. IntermittentFastingReviews.com also provides real customer reviews sourced from reputable fitness websites as well as buying advice. Lastly, each review contains IntermittentFastingReviews.com’s final verdict on the system.

In a similar fashion, the website’s posts on the alternate day diet discusses why this system is more effective than traditional dieting methods. According to the website, the Eat Stop Eat alternate day diet helps fitness buffs lose weight by restricting their calorie intake based on an on-again and off-again system. The article also answers frequently asked questions about Eat Stop Eat, providing accurate details about its safety, methods, claims, and expected weight loss.

“The idea behind the Eat Stop Eat program is that by changing the way that you eat, you can increase growth hormone levels, reduce insulin levels, and help to balance cortisol so you can lose stubborn belly fat quickly,” noted the article. “In fact, many people who have used this program have been able to lose body fat quicker than ever before.”

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