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International Aero Products Joining in Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Las Vegas and Charlotte

AERO will be celebrating the Mustang 50th Anniversary bi-coastal in Nevada and North Carolina with MRT-Direct.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- International AERO Products, AERO, is joining in the worldwide celebration of Mustang’s 50th Anniversary with MRT-Direct. AERO is participating in the Charlotte event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Las Vegas event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway along side the MRT-Direct crew April 16-20th.

“Not only does this mark the 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang, it marks the full rollout of International Aero Products at Mustang Racing Technologies and the MRT-Direct crew,” says Mike Hansen, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We are incredibly humbled and excited to be a part MRT's presence on both coasts this week. We will have AERO factory representatives on hand to answer questions, provide demonstrations, and be catalyst for waterless detailing with Aero.”

Both events have a plethora of activities for attendees to participate in from celebrity appearances, presentations about the history of the Mustang, evening cruises and so much more. For live updates and news from the events, visit the International AERO Products’ Facebook page at, @AeroCarCare on Twitter, and @InternationalAEROProducts on Instagram.

AERO’s full line of products have been hitting store shelves all around the world, and are still used today to clean multi-million dollar private aircraft. The AERO line includes products to fulfill all of your detailing and cleaning needs – FINALE, Final Wipe Down; SHINE, Dry Wash and Speed Wax; VIEW, Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner; IMMACULATE, Interior Cleaner; SUPPLE, Leather Conditioner; POLISH, Metal and Aluminum Polish; SUDS, Wet-Wash Soap; PROTECT, Tire and Vinyl Dressing; SPOT, Carpet and Fabric Cleaner; AWAY, Tire and Engine Cleaner; GLIDE, Polymer-Infused Clay Bar and SHIELD, 2-Part Protectant.

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International AERO Products are designed to withstand the most extreme environments on Earth, from airfield surface temperatures that can reach 120° F to a frigid -60° F at 50,000 feet above the Earth. Until now, AERO products have only been available to the aerospace industry for maintaining the world’s most exclusive aircraft. International AERO Products offers a wide selection of quality tested and approved cleaning, polishing, protective coating and detailing products for all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs. To find out where to purchase AERO products visit or call (800) 337- 9274.