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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Are you ready to shape the future? Better yet, are you ready to shape your future? Many of us go through life hoping that it becomes more rewarding, but in our quest to find it we often times realise it eludes us.. Unlike what so many others provide as the key to success, The Next Maverick Ready to Shape the Future- now available on Amazon, provides you with the ultimate key to true long-term success coming from a reputed leadership and business strategist. This is a fact many who have read Aji R. Michael’s book attest to. Aji, a renowned and successful entrepreneur cites the purpose of her book as, “I've written this book with the sole purpose of helping you shift your focus from short term ambition and narrow interpretations of success, into using your day to day values, to shape your future, and make your life more rewarding.”

The Next Maverick- Ready to Shape the Future was written specifically for the group of broad professionals and a much broader group comprising of business readers, particularly entrepreneurs, presenting them with a path to create a harmony of interest with society. In every sense The Next Maverick- Ready to Shape the Future is truly a Maverick as it comes from an author, whose accomplishments and successes place her ahead of the rest. While it looks at reflective practice, it also looks at of the role of vision, value, difference, influence and time respectively. The Next Maverick- Ready to shape the Future also addresses a number of other key issues, namely, connection, growth, process, creativity, faith, and reward showing readers the significance of human development and the way today impacts on tomorrow. The core of this dynamic key to long term-success is the “Iron Law of Human Destiny” or the Law of Cause and Effect.

Those purchasing the book have provided glowing reviews of it, making its reception nothing short of warm, welcoming and well-received. As one happy Amazon purchaser says, “This is an exceptional book that really made me look inwards and ask myself genuine questions about my purpose in life with the view of positive and productive vision, knowing I am created to add value to humanity and have a positive influence. After reading a few chapters, I had a spark that changed my thoughts from blaming everyone else for my past mistakes and taking personal responsibility knowing it’s not too late and all those areas of waste could be put to good use. I can be creative so my generation could benefit from what I have deposited inside of me.”

In purchasing this book you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Aji R. Michael’s book can be purchased in paperback and is also available for purchase as a Kindle Edition. To purchase your copy of The Next Maverick- Ready to Shape the Future, visit:

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Aji R Michael (FInstLM) is an internationally recognised leadership expert and President of Head Affairs Group working closely with top management teams, Chief Executive Officers, Clinical Specialists, Charity Organisations and Corporate bodies. As a leading strategist, Aji has provided proven strategies to shift individual and Executive behaviour for increased revenue and profitable growth. She blogs at