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SMS Sheep offers free online international text messaging services.


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- When cell phones first appeared on the scene, everyone was walking around talking on them, while going about their daily business. This great advance in technology made the author of the cartoon, The Jetsons, seem like a prophet, as he predicted what the future held. Although, these days less and less people are talking on their cell phones, instead they are texting from them. Text messaging offers privacy that verbally speaking does not. As well, it is convenient to shoot a message off for someone to get on their own timing, rather than interrupting their busy day. Now internet users can text anyone free of charge from the comforts of their home computer. People no longer need to worry about outrageous fees from cell phone carriers for texts, because SMS Sheep offers free unlimited online international texting service.

Through SMS Sheep, internet users can send free SMS without the need for a registration. This is a great way for family, friends, lovers, and even business associates to stay connected completely free of charge. Rather than paying ridiculous fees with cell phone carriers to send international text messages, users can save big bucks sending SMS messages completely free of charge.

The SMS Sheep website is streamlined and quite user friendly. Without the need for a registration or login process, sending of free international text messages through SMS Sheep is a breeze. Simply select the country from the drop down list, enter the mobile number in the appropriate field, then enter your text in the provided text field box and click send.

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