International Publisher Manu Pax Seeks to Raise $30,000 in Crowdfunding to Empower Writers in Peru

Talented Writers All Over Peru Had to Put Their Writing on Hold Just to Pay The Bills – Until now.


Lima, Peru -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Antonio Camargo is perhaps one of Peru’s most gifted authors having written compelling stories in many genres without any real formal education or training. Mr. Camargo is also a cabdriver. That’s because Antonio has to work long days driving taxi so he has enough money to feed himself. This leaves precious little time for him to perfect his craft in writing and share his dynamic imagination with the world.

Manu Pax launched their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to change the lives of 50 or more writers in Peru allowing them to pursue their passion fulltime instead of working low-end jobs just to pay the bills. When faced with the choice of simple survival to feed themselves or writing all day with no guarantee of success, many talented writers see their gifts of the written word go to waste. Manu Pax has put together an ambitious program to help these writers do what they do best so the world can benefit from the written works they can create.

Their plan to help writers in Peru includes:

- Providing an annual stipend to writers to give them a respectable quality of life so they can devote their time to writing instead of driving a taxi, working in a restaurant or cleaning houses.
- Having authors participate in blogs and have them review eBooks and other writing material for their professional critique of works presented.
- Training writers how to articulate to an Internet related crowd through paid webinars delivered by successful writers.
- Exclusive training on niche markets and topics each writer is interested in.
- Giving every writer the opportunity through free time, ample space and sufficient money to express their thoughts or views in any form of literature.
- Launching a website that is fully customized to facilitate literary work of any sort.
- With their new website in place an aggressive and effective Internet marketing campaign will be undertaken to give their writers as much exposure to their published works as possible.

This crowdfunding campaign ends September 25, 2014.

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