International Publishers Eye the United States as a Promising Expansion Market with Help from CircSense


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2017 -- With a recent influx of Hispanic and many other international titles desiring to launch their publications in the U.S., publishers have been looking to global marketing and publishing solutions firm CircSense to solve the many dilemmas they face with entering into new territory.

By utilizing CircSense's expertise, these international publishers from many countries in various continents around the world including Spain, Venezuela, the Caribbean, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, India, Singapore, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Taiwan are able to find the help they need by allowing CircSense to plan and implement strategies for their marketing and audience development needs in the USA.

CircSense's extensive knowledge reaches far and wide and their experienced team of experts are versed in handling a variety of publications in various industries including magazines ranging from luxury yachts to home décor all the way to women's interest, TV personalities, and beyond.

Language is one barrier CircSense does not let stand in the way of business being done as they are particularly well equipped to service international clients in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Known for a strong presence in the United States in helping many get on their feet from scratch or helping well-established publishers grow new roots, CircSense's effectiveness is just as potent in helping their international clients plant and grow new seeds in the USA.

"We've been very pleased to assist international clients in helping them achieve their goals of establishing themselves in the United States market", shared Frank Ruiz, CircSense's chief executive officer. "At the end of the day – whether it's international or domestic clientele we're working with – it really all comes back to our creed, if you will, which is all about offering common sense and practical solutions for magazine publishers. When it comes to seeking to launch a new title, grow circulation, and manage their resources as efficiently as possible, we've got their back."

Whether starting a new title or in need of help with an existing magazine, CircSense covers the entire range of functions vital to building and managing a publication's marketing and circulation: direct mail management, planning and execution; insert cards strategy and design; budgets and circulation forecasting; AAM/BPA circulation and USPS audits; rate-base management; renewals and billing efforts; fulfillment management; newsstand distribution management; public place distribution; controlled circulation; timely and management-friendly reporting; source analysis; custom publishing; and much more.

Ultimately, for CircSense, it's all about offering their clients a common sense approach grounded in diverse experience which utilizes a well-rounded method for achieving results.

"It all circles back to the creation of our company name – CircSense. When we meet with prospective clients, we run circulation by the numbers making decisions using a common sense practical approach to marketing," shared CircSense COO Carlos Garcia.

To learn more about how CircSense can help, visit or call 305-978-3796.

About CircSense
CircSense is a strong global consultancy and outsourcing firm specializing in the delivery of service solutions to magazine publishers in the United States and overseas, from new launches to seasoned publications, wishing to increase their current distribution or expand into new markets anywhere in the American continent.

They develop, execute, incorporate, and manage marketing campaigns which they adapt to each client's explicit unique requirements and objectives.