International Recording Artist Provides Expert Saxophone Lessons

Rock and Roll Saxophone Player Johnny Ferreira helps expand student oriented saxophone lesson site with saxophone music backing tracks and private lessons.


Vancouver, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2013 -- Johnny Ferreira, a musician who has toured throughout Europe and North America since the 1980s, has announced he is offering to share his tips on saxophone music online at his instructional website at This site provides free sample saxophone lessons that range from the basics for beginners, to expert tips and techniques and improvised playing. Upon registration, visitors can both examine the free video lessons, and leading role for more advanced courses in the nuances of playing the instrument. The tutorials also provide the ability for students to pick up enough proficiency to begin playing compositions against the backing tracks of familiar songs.

Ferreira expresses much pride in the background he brings to bear to instruct others in the art of mastering saxophone music. He specializes in all varieties popular music developed over the decades in Europe and the United States, including jazz and blues, and places an emphasis on understanding the natural connection between the saxophone and the vocal cords of real-life people. “It was the sound that attracted me,” Ferreira recalls of his youth. “It’s the instrument that closest resembles the human voice.” His saxophone lessons accordingly trained user to devote that humanity in the playing style.

The saxophone lessons on site do not neglect the technical basics, which the students would be getting them familiarize with hand position, the best ways to hold the instrument, fingering, posture, obtaining proper tone, and other fundamentals. The playing includes introductions to the expected range of genres, including rock, jazz and blues. And on the more advanced side, there will be guidance toward skills, études, scales and understanding the literature behind saxophone music. What Ferreira notes is the added factor of his lessons is the integration of the learning with a natural playing style that puts energy and freshness back into the music being played.

The popularity of the saxophone lessons at appears to be growing as a result of Ferreira’s “natural” approach to his service, and particularly the wisdom he imparts regarding certain specialties like blues playing. “Because our Western music has its roots in European classical music” he notes that “the music theorists need to notate the blues scale as it was naturally played and sung into an understandable notation that could be analyzed and played by Western trained musicians.” The offer to review the free sample videos is expected to run foreseeable future.