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International Satellite Services Extends Range of Satellite Telecommunications Solutions

International Satellite Services now offer the backpack friendly BGAN satellite transmitter that receives high speed internet through one of the world’s most powerful satellite networks.


Naples, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- In the days of high speed 4G mobile internet, it’s increasingly hard to imagine ever being disconnected for those who spend their time in developed urban areas. However, most of the world still has a complete absence of even mobile signal, much less internet. For the new generation of digital nomads who earn their living online while travelling the world or for those involved in aid work is remote areas, satellite communications can make all the difference, and International Satellite Services Inc. can provide the latest generation of communications tech with the BGAN satellite transmitter.

The BGAN satellite transmitter ( will easily fit in a backpack and allow individuals to set up a mobile broadband office in the middle of the jungle. Users simply turn the terminal on and point it toward the nearest Inmarsat satellite. They then register and connect the device to their computer or smart phone via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. With data speeds of up to half a megabit, individuals can easily browse the internet and make phone calls.

The terminal is an essential resource for coordinating operations in places where there isn’t even phone signal, and has found a use making a life-saving difference on remote expeditions and disaster areas alike, and is a favorite among humanitarian aid operations.

A spokesperson for International Satellite Services explained, “The BGAN is one of the most exciting satellite solutions in a long time, owing to its short set up time, portability, durability and the robustness of its associated satellite network. This Wi-Fi Hotspot via satellite can go anywhere, and has a signal strength indicator to identify optimum positioning, with a battery that will outlast any laptop as well as the ability to run on mains power. We believe this is one of the best all round solutions for creating a mobile office anywhere, and we offer the product at unbeatable rates.”

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