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International SEO and Online Marketing Agency SEO Consultant Asia Launches New Website


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- SEO Consultant Asia recently announced the launch of their new website as well as plans for the opening of offices in Hanoi/Vietnam. SEO Consultant Asia is a web agency based in China, Malaysia and Vietnam that offers Internet marketing solutions, web design/development and SEO for large and small business customers worldwide.

While the web has ushered in a global economy, few understand how to create an online presence that speaks to and from China—one of the world’s largest markets. The SEO Beijing experts of SEO Consultant Asia are far ahead of the curve as an online advertising and marketing agency based in China that also caters to Malaysia and the world. In an effort to better serve their growing clientele, the agency has unveiled their new website as well as announcement of the upcoming opening of their new offices in Vietnam.

“The new website provides a platform that better reflects our services to a growing client base, while our soon-to-be-open Vietnam offices are meant to help better serve clients both inside Vietnam and around the world tapping into that growing market” said an SEO Consultant Asia spokesperson.

Founded in 2006 in China and then implanted in Malaysia and Vietnam, SEO Consultant Asia is composed of a team of experts in SEO, design, ergonomics, web development, editing and traffic management. Evolving in a multicultural environment with French management, International SEO and SEO Consulting was the first specialty of the company director. Today, the agency offers their many services in English, French, Chinese and other languages.

SEO Consultant Asia’s customizable services include keyword research, Meta data alterations, content consultation, Google Analytics and website content writing services among others. When it comes to web design and website creation, their skilled team, which is headed by a French designer, produces exciting, highly navigable websites and e-commerce sites with integrated content management systems. Additionally, copywriting and content creation services help clients create quality content that keeps their sites fresh and relevant.

With the largest population in the world and arguably the highest number of users of the Internet, Chinese SEO is an important aspect to any company that wants to be truly global in China where English is optional. Consequently, SEO Consultant Asia offers clients Chinese as well as English website versions and translation services to tap into the more than 300 million visitors who read and speak nothing else but Chinese.

The agency’s affordable netlinking service creates and monitors inbound and outbound links to grow and monitor website visitors. They employ many conventional and unconventional methods such as quality backlink creation that leverages social networking platforms to Link Baiting, Viral Marketing and Advergame services. “Our focus is always on client ROI that melds western quality with Asian prices,” said the spokesperson. For more information, please visit http://www.seo-consultant.asia

About SEO Consultant Asia
The web agency based in China and Malaysia (soon in Vietnam) offers SEO, web development/design and Internet marketing solutions to large and small businesses worldwide. Their experience and location enables them to help Asian and worldwide clients expand markets. Their services also include English, Chinese, French and other Asian language translations for Western companies wanting to have an Asian presence or be able to communicate their message in more than just one language.