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International Surplus Announces a Free Solution to the EHR Mandate Issue

International Surplus will digitize medical records for free in exchange for the silver value of their hard copy x-ray films, solving the panic surrounding the new EHR mandate.


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- The Electronic Health Records mandate for healthcare facilities and clinics requires medical records to be digitized by 2015 or medical practitioners will face penalties, fines and reduced Medicare benefits. This has put many hospitals in an impossible position, as they face thousands in fines or thousands to digitize records which according to HIPAA law, must be kept on file for at least five to seven years depending on the state. Meanwhile, International Surplus has been offering digitization of medical records for free to hospitals because their X-ray film is rich in silver, which can be reclaimed using special processes. Now, International Surplus can provide a free answer to this expensive problem, by offering to digitize all medical records in an even exchange for the value of the hard copy records.

They can do this because X-ray films contain an abundance of silver content, and digitizing records means hospitals would not have to purge records in yearly batches for HIPAA compliance but could purge up to 7 years of records at once by digitizing them, thereby keeping the records on file while not requiring the physical copies. It represents a win for all sides.

International Surplus were the first company to offer this service and the best at delivering high quality results. Usually this digitization could cost between five and ten dollars per sheet of film, but is performed free because International Surplus can reclaim the silver value. The result is a free Picture Archive Communications System (PACS) for hospitals, while saving thousands a month by no longer requiring the services of companies like Iron Mountain.

A spokesperson for International Surplus explained, “We understand that hospitals are panicked by the EHR mandate, especially when our competitors are ripping off their clients by charging for digitizing services. By providing them for free we still make a profit from the silver value of the x-ray film, but at the same time can save hospitals literally millions of dollars by saving the cost of digitization, storage fees, and the coming fines, while also helping them claim government incentives for EHR compliance. It’s so win-win that it’s hard to believe, but the reality is simple: an innovative solution to a large scale problem that benefits all parties.”

About International Surplus
International Surplus was founded in 1939 and has been family owned and operated ever since, growing to become one of the nation’s largest raw scrap and surplus equipment buyers and precious metal refiners. They now operate in more than 15 countries with over 100 worldwide service centers. Fairness and integrity are their core values, and they have offered free digitizing to hospitals since 2010. For more information please visit: