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Internet Firm Provides App to Keep Facebook Friends Honest


Greenville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- When it comes to giving honest feedback about someone’s behavior, who are often the best people to give accurate insight? The people that know that person the best. Facebook, in particular, claims over 1 billion “Friends” who post statements about everything imaginable. Whether these statements are personal or professional, one’s peers can often provide great insight into “whether that event actually happened that way, or not.” However, negative backlash can often result for even an honest, genuine appraisal of a situation or behavior by one’s peers. So, the question is, “How can one assess the validity of a statement by one’s‘ friend’, honestly, and be held accountable for their own review, as well?”

According to President of Centauri Systems, LLC and developer of , Alaric Williamson, “There are multiple ways to review one’s peers and keep everyone honest in their appraisals. and history has demonstrated that democracy and incentives do this better than anything else.” To that end, Williamson provides Karmalush. This innovative app incorporates the following solutions to honesty in social media.

- An online service that allows for anonymous reviews of one’s Facebook friends
- Easily be used by both desktop and mobile browsers
- Allows for anonymous voting on the accuracy and validity of any particular review
- Gives a “waiting period” for all parties involved to vote on the validity of any given statement
- Use a system that incorporates an incentive program, rewarding those who make honest reviews and penalizing those who don't.

Just like megasites like Ebay and, the whole system falls apart without a feedback system. Williamson says, “Without any honest feedback system that holds all parties accountable, how can one rely on what they are reading?”

To find out more about this app, visit . For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Alaric Williamson, call (415) 347-5874; or, email for more information at

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