Internet Marketer Estelle Brown Announces the Launch of Holiday Saving Video Reviews on YouTube


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- A new YouTube channel has been launched by Internet Marketer Estelle Brown, which focuses on saving money on holidays. There is a large selection of videos to watch on the channel, that individually focus on how to save money with each holiday company.

Estelle states, “There are so many savings available online for those booking a holiday, and it is great to be able to show people, how to get the best savings for them. For example, I have just made a video review showing how to get the best expedia codes for Expedia bookings, which has a huge selection of travel options available”.

Brown has opted to launch on YouTube as opposed to a website site medium, she states, “I think YouTube is an excellent medium to communicate, and it is becoming the preferred method for people to look up reviews, particularly for money saving ideas”.

“Everyday I am seeing more and more of my blog readers opting to watch my videos as opposed to reading my blogs and websites, and this very much seems to be a new online trend. Video does seem to be the wave of the future on the internet, and the information on our videos just serves to complement the information that we already have on our blog”.

Estelle adds “It makes complete sense when you think about it, as a review does seem much more genuine when you can see a person talking and giving their review, rather than some faceless words on a webpage. Also, it is easier to sit back and watch a video. This format is also easier for phones, as it is so easy for anyone to watch a YouTube video on the go”.

The latest review video that shows the user how to find the best Expedia codes online, can be found at and is entitled ‘For The Best Expedia Codes - Watch This Video! You Will Save Big With Expedia Codes’, explains why Expedia is such a great option if you are looking for a flight, hotel or holiday at the best rate as there are some great money saving expedia codes available online.

To visit the YouTube channel featuring the Expedia review videos, please visit

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Estelle Brown has been an Internet Marketer for the last 7 years, and has recently set up the YouTube channel in order to help those booking a holiday, how to find the best possible deal online.

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