Internet Marketers Noticing Search Traffic Is a Strong SEO Signal

SERPIFY Offers a Perfect Solution to Improve Rankings


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2014 -- Higher Rankings means attracting more visitors. Websites who have higher rankings will also have a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) which means the amount of clicks against a particular keyword. It is important to see that the CTR is always high as low CTRs can drag down the quality score and affect the rankings. It's an authority signal. If a website gets the most clicks for a keyword, it gets the most authority, that's how it works! Viewers need to be inspired to click on a certain URL with seemingly infinite choices for any given keyword search. Then, Google also looks at factors such as how long the visitor is staying on the websites and how many pages they are browsing per session. Do the people who choose to click on a URL in the search results genuinely desire to know more about the business?

It is important to stress the importance of organic CTR traffic, which proves to Google the site is relevant to the keywords people are searching. “We first got the idea to create Serpify when we noticed one of our client’s websites was stuck in the #1 position of Google for a very competitive keyword and we weren’t doing any link building. It didn’t leave that position for years and we didn’t understand why the site wouldn’t budge. It was outranking some really large sites. We determined Google must be giving quite a bit of weight to who’s getting the most clickthroughs from the organic search index, it was the only thing that made since. Sure enough, we were right!” says Justin Smith, co-founder Serpify.

Google now more than ever is paying close attention to who gets the most attention in the organic search results. It introduces fool proof algorithms and quality control systems to measure the same and does the most justice to websites that naturally get a lot of organic traffic. “The Internet is changing, the search engines are sophisticated and their algorithms are constantly evolving. As internet marketing professionals, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest algorithm changes and innovate with new products and services that help our clients stay on top”, says Roshan Sethia, co-founder of Serpify.

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Serpify, based at Orlando, Florida is a one stop solution to achieve high quality website traffic. The product was designed by Roshan Sethia, Justin Smith and Marco Giacinti with an aim to help websites improve search engine ranking positions in Google.