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Internet Marketing for Plastic Surgeons Can Be Extremely Effective...if Done Well


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Internet marketing for plastic surgeons can be tricky business. Surgeons want to ensure that they are presenting their qualifications in a way that can easily reach prospective patients, but they don’t want to appear “sales-y.” On his website, plastic surgeon SEO and Internet marketing specialist Aaron Franklin—creator of the Internet marketing firm SEO Kiwi— reveals the “Top 5 Internet Marketing Tips For Plastic Surgeons” that have had amazing results all over the United States in the past three years.

The first tip Franklin offers concerns effective use of video, a key component of Internet marketing for plastic surgeons. Transparency and trust are absolutely critical in a plastic surgeon’s world, he points out in a feature on his website, and there is no better format than video to prove this point. Stand out from the crowd, he suggests, and be seen as a thought leader and as an expert by keeping the videos short, no more than two to three minutes. The content should be in short, digestible chunks.

The second tip concerns maximizing placement of informational content created by plastic surgeons. There are scores of social media platforms on the Internet with millions and millions of people “attached” to them, Franklin says. By ensuring that what a plastic surgeon has to say reaches as many potential clients as possible, a specialist like Franklin can be confident that links from some of the most popular sites on the Internet will come back to the surgeon.

The third tip dovetails with expanded placement of content. Don’t outsource content creation, Franklin advises. “If you outsource your content,” he says, “people will notice. They will notice that you don’t care, and no one is going to read it. No one is going to care.” Plastic surgeons are the ones with the training and expertise to best explain why choosing the most qualified surgeon is so important. That task should not be delegated, Franklin emphasizes.

His fourth tip: Educate, entertain, and engage. Selling doesn’t work anymore, he says. If a plastic surgeon focuses on educating, entertaining and engaging when creating content, he or she will “do very, very well.”

His final tip is to make sure to track the leads the surgeon’s website is generating. Track the phone calls (where he says 75 percent of leads come from) and response mechanisms from the website. Don’t pass up an opportunity.

About SEO Kiwi
SEO Kiwi is an SEO and Internet marketing firm specializing in helping plastic surgeons build their online market share and deliver a consistent flow of high-quality leads from all the top search engines and social media networks. SEO Kiwi creator Aaron Franklin works with only one plastic surgeon per city. For more information, please visit http://www.seokiwi.com/top-5-internet-marketing-tips-for-plastic-surgeons