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Internet Millionaire Jeff Usner reveals fundamental millionaire marketing tips. Jeff teaching on stage and share secrets


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- In a new video on, internet millionaire Jeff Usner shares one of the biggest secrets to grow business and make more money in a very short period of time. This strategy has led his coaching students to jump from 100 million in sales to 556 million just last year. Learn from the expert and watch your business thrive.

Internet marketing millionaire Jeff Usner has become a household name, after he starred in an episode of the hit ABC show, Secret Millionaire. With the buzz comes a lot of people looking for tips and tricks on business, wishing to duplicate the success one of the most successful self-made millionaires in the country. In a new video on, Jeff reveals one big secret to his growing business empire.

They say a profitable business does not happen overnight and this is true. The internet millionaire himself struggled in the beginning of his career to become who he is today. But in all the years of experience that Jeff has working on his many Internet marketing businesses, he figured out the best business concept that hold the key to increasing profit and sales for any business in only a short period of time. In the new video, he reveals the business concept that is being implemented by multimillion dollar businesses.

Jeff says, “It’s a concept that I have used and I use every day in our business and it is a very simple concept. Once you have something that’s working, once you are making money on a certain channel, a certain niche, you simply want to become your own competitor.” According to Jeff, this is as simple as creating a new company or a new website for the same product or niche that you have found to be making money.

He illustrates this point by pointing to his many websites as an example. “If you Google Jeff Usner, you will see on Google, we own the block. The listings that you will find there, we probably have eight, nine, some days even 10 of the list on the listings that you click on my name will go to me. It looks like they are different websites but they all come to me. It might be; it might be; JeffUsner training – whatever it is, I basically become my competitor on Google but it all drives back to my main brand,”

The internet millionaire says it is like looking at the internet as real estate. What you want to do is to own the block for your product and it will be the key to making more money. It does not matter what kind of business you have, whether it is online or offline, Jeff says this business concept will work. He further adds, “When we started driving massive amounts of traffic, the first thing I do to start my business is start up a competing website whether I’m doing paid traffic or through search engine optimization free traffic, I’m always competing against myself because once I find something that makes money, it’s very easy to increase my profits by simply getting more of the real estate that’s making money.”

According to Jeff, becoming your own competitor is one massive key to success. More details on this business concept can be found on The internet millionaire explains, “If you’re not making money yet, let’s get you making money, and as soon as you’re making money let’s see how can I make more money, how can I compete against myself and you’ll capture much more the market place and a make a lot more money.”

About Jeff Usner
Jeff Usner is a leading online marketer, business consultant, mentor, and philanthropist. He has created numerous successful companies online and has been coming up with events and products that will help and train other marketers to do the same. Both new and old businesses benefit from his strategies and he is a living proof to the effectiveness of what he teaches.