Internet Retailer Rugshq.Com Expands and Crusades


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- Igor Bogdanov and Denis Sinelnikov, the two pioneers in the online retail business have been constantly diversifying and entering new markets. It is a great step in the positive direction for them as they have already established such a great image through their Rugs business. Diversifying and expanding the business is actually a great option for those businesses that have been successful throughout.

A second website offering top brand names in furniture was launched in the Summer of 2012 for Mahogany and More Stores, in partnership to promote additional category for home decor and furnishings. For people who had already been awed by their rugs, the furniture site was an added bonus. Now their old customers could rely on the same people for great quality furniture at feasible prices. For retailers, their reputation means a great deal and that is what Igor and Denis have established. They have built a strong customer loyalty base, who know that by shopping through these retail sites they are in safe hands.

Furthermore these two people went on to starting a third online retail website called DecorGoods. This site flaunts top notch furniture brands that would make any house look mind blowing. So basically their retail sites are any person’s key to a dream interior. Igor and Denis have been doing mass advertising on social media to attract people to this website. They have received a good response as people already trust their retail websites.

Apart from introducing these three websites Igor and Denis have been busy with protecting the Minimum Advertising Price (MAP). This is the minimum price that can be shown on online retail websites for a particular product. A lot of companies have been violating this policy drastically. Ofcourse when one website is abiding by the rules and advertising the appropriate price and another company violates the rule and shows a much lesser price, the latter would take away the entire business.

This strategy has been looked down upon by the ethical retailers who believe in working harmoniously with other people out there in the market. It has been a major agenda for Igor and Denis to break the practice of this violation in the market. They have followed the proper rules and regulations while operating their retails businesses online and they also expect other businesses to respect the rules. So the main step that has been taken to counteract this problem is to work with the vendors and make them stop supplying to the retailers who are breaking rules.

Igor and Denis have a retail business that has all the qualities of a good business. They follow ethical practices and give the best interior goods at great prices. To find out more visit their official websites.

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