Internet Sites Provide Hope for Those Hit Hardest by Economic Downturn

While many look towards the recent US election for economic relief, some are utilizing the Internet and specialty websites to share information to ease their financial situations immediately. This growing trend is explored and one such website is profiled here.


Allen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- While many are evaluating the recent presidential election’s chances of providing an economic turnaround, others are taking action right now by using small but valuable websites to share information on saving money. This has been enabled in part by the widespread adoption of a wired lifestyle and the growing numbers of web savvy adults from all generations and walks of life. One example of this growing trend is James Jones and his website

Working in the tire industry for 15 years gave Jones a solid foundation on the ins and outs of the truck tire business. As expected he picked up a few tricks along the way that someone on the outside of the industry might not have access to. He now shares this knowledge with others through his website.

"I never considered myself a very high-tech type of person" Jones stated in regards to his newfound position as webmaster, "But I figured if I knew some things that might help somebody save a couple of bucks on truck tires then why not learn how to share them?"

The story James tells is growing more common each day.  Not only are more people coming online every day, but the people that are already on the Internet are growing more comfortable with using it at a very high rate.  This is due in part to both the advances in technology and the huge growth of Social Media.

“I used to have to ask someone else how to turn on the computer, now I have a computer (smartphone) in my pocket that I carry around with me every day!” Jones stated. “It’s just really easy now to get any message out that you want.”

Experts predict that both Internet usage and social networking will to continue to grow at alarming rates for the foreseeable future.  This is expected to continue to foster the growth of niche sites like and give the consumer more power when researching purchases. In the end this transparency and open exchange of information should not only be a win for consumers but also for the businesses with the best product and customer experience.

About is owned and operated by James Jones. A veteran of the tire industry James enjoys sharing information on truck tires with the people he meets online.

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