Social Metric Pte Ltd.

Internet Success Hub Singapore Becomes Social Metric Pte Ltd Amid Runaway Success

Social Metric offers tangible, quantifiable outcomes from social media campaigns, and have gained an impressive reputation amid Singapore businesses that has led to their rapid expansion.


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Social media is now a ubiquitous part of daily life in the developed world, with Facebook and Twitter forming the two great pillars supporting a wider network including Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and dozens more. Since they were first created imaginative individuals have speculated at the potential these media have for businesses to communicate with and grow their client base, yet many businesses have found it almost impossible to utilise these tools effectively. Social Metric is a social media consultancy in Singapore that has created unbelievable results for clients, suggesting that someone may have finally cracked the winning strategy.

The company earned a staggering 1.1 million dollars for a global airline in just 48 hours through measurable social media strategies that utilise the reporting features now integrated into all their social media campaigns for their clients. This campaign also grew the airline from zero fans to over 148,000 in only 1 month. They also saved a French industrial giant three quarters of a million dollars by converting them from pay per click to social media advertising.

Social Metric believes they are social media consultants with a big difference as a spokesperson explained:

“Many social media businesses hide behind social jargon to justify their existence, they are focused on Facebook Likes, Tweets and other social statistics. Although we track these numbers very closely we are focused on one thing for our clients, profit. After all it is social media marketing, without a return on investment you can drop the marketing. For Qatar Airlines we were responsible for 149,819 Likes to their Facebook page that we created but more importantly the campaign resulted in sales of over $1.1 million. This is not an isolated incident, we always focus on the bottom line no matter what the size of the customer is.”

Although Social Metric has worked with major brands like Wacoal, JobStreet Singapore, 3M, Singapore Management University and government politicians they are keen to stress they can and have helped businesses large and small. A spokesperson commented:

“Although we work with huge brands our strategies work equally well with small and medium size businesses. We have worked with numerous small businesses and the results can be a game changer for them which is very satisfying for our team. Social media in Singapore is getting great results and we are happy that we are at the cutting edge of this new marketing wave.”

Because of these impressive successes, big-ticket clients are now eager to use the services of this overnight global success for their own advantage. Internet Success Hub Singapore has now become Social Metric Pte Ltd, a small but fundamental shift in the way the business works to protect themselves, their investors and clients.

A spokesperson for Social Metric explained, “We have become Social Metric Pte Ltd because we are taking our company responsibilities seriously and now have commitments to a board of investors who have seen the future we can offer other business through the success we’ve had already. We analyse our every move so businesses don’t have to and offer completely transparent reporting so that we can only tell our clients the truth - fortunately that has always amount to good news, including some extraordinary cases that have led so many new clients through our doors.”

About Social Metric
Social Metric is Singapore's leading social media firm focussing on supporting brands and businesses to create more brand awareness, increase sales and increase customer loyalty with measurable results. Social Metric also guarantees a full refund if they do not achieve the desired results. Some of the companies that are working with or have worked with Social Metric are Qatar Airways, Wacoal, JobStreet Singapore, 3M, Singapore Management University and few government politicians in Singapore. For more information, please visit