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Internet Users Browse Anonymously and Securely Thanks to SSL Proxy Website


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2012 -- Due to an increase in Internet privacy concerns, proxy severs have been getting a lot of attention lately because they allow Internet users to browse the Web without revealing their IP addresses to the websites that they visit. Proxy servers work by allowing users to reroute their URL requests through the proxy server. The websites that are visited then identify the IP address of the proxy server instead of the IP addresses of the users.

Remaining anonymous on the Internet obviously has many advantages, and more and more Internet users have begun to seek out proxy servers that will provide this anonymity. Although proxy server software can be downloaded, Internet users know that such downloads are risky and can leave their computers vulnerable to viruses and malware.

Moreover, this kind of software often provides only an insecure connection. Having an insecure connection means that any information transmitted by users can be accessed by outsiders. Many users wish they could find a solution that would give them the privacy of anonymous browsing while still providing the security that they need to transmit sensitive information. As a result, a website called, which provides a secure proxy service, has become a hot topic among these Internet users.

“Secure proxies provide a safe Internet connection to any proxy server. SSL connections can are seen in the address bar as https:// Not only allow you to trust that you are safe in transferring information through this proxy it changes your IP address at the click of a mouse.” exclaims a spokesperson for

The spokesperson explains some of the technicalities, “An SSL proxy is a proxy server that uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that makes it useful for transmission that requires encryption. Most of the websites that give transmissions also needs SSL. These are websites that handles sensitive information like bank websites and email portals. SSL proxy is a great tool to have if you want to further improve your online transactions in terms of security. Since regular proxies cannot handle websites that requires SSL, SSL proxy fits the job. It provides users the ability to have anonymity, secure transactions, and safe transmissions all at the same time.”

An SSL proxy gives Internet users both privacy and security when visiting websites. At, Internet users will get access to SSL proxy browsing services and a detailed explanation of SSL proxies. The website provides various security options so that users can personalize their browsing experiences. also offers information about other websites that allow users to unblock MySpace and Facebook when at work or school.

About is a website offering a secure proxy service that allows Internet users to browse the Web privately and securely. The service allows indirect browsing of external, third-party websites over an SSL connection.

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