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Internet Users Rush to Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services Provided by


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2012 -- As public information becomes easier to acquire, reverse phone number searches are becoming more common. A “reverse” phone number search is performed by entering a phone number into a search engine in order to acquire more detailed information about the caller, such as the corresponding name and address. These types of searches are widely available for landlines. However, privacy legislation that regulates access to cell phone data restricts users who want to find this information for cell phone numbers.

Although this legislation exists in order to protect cell phone users from telemarketers, it also hampers individuals who want to access this information for legitimate reasons. These individuals are seeking a way to look up cell phone numbers, and many have found the solution at provides a valuable service to users all over the Internet, and a spokesperson explains the service:

“Our site enables visitors to perform a quick and easy reverse cell phone lookup, if any information is available the visitor will be given full access and within minutes discover the identity of the cell phone number owner.”

“We have the ability to access special cell phone number databases to help uncover the owner of a cell phone. These are the same databases that private investigators use. Search results can include: Owners name, address, cell carrier, people search results, household members and even more” the spokesperson explains.

By visiting, visitors can see what kind of information is available for any cell phone number that they enter. This information can include simple details like name, location and date of phone registration as well as more comprehensive background reports.

The website also includes helpful editorial content that allow visitors to learn about tracking cell phone numbers as well as using reverse cell phone lookup services for background checks and security purposes. The website also provides information on how to find out more about employee, tenants, family members and mystery callers. The detailed articles at offer tips and advice that many people get only by hiring private investigators.

About is a website that helps every user to find the owner of a cell phone just by looking up the cell phone number. The website allows users to enter in cell phone numbers and instantly see information about those cell phones, including location. also provides detailed information on tracking cell phone numbers and conducting background checks through reverse phone number lookup.

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