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Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- It seems that millions of products pop up every month and most of them are devoted to making money from the internet or becoming financially independent. While most of us who have been into affiliate marketing for a while know that these are generally hype and bs, a lot of newbies don’t which is why these people are so successful. If you’re looking to start a product via Clickbank or through other means, there are some simple steps you need to follow.

#1 – Don’t run into battle blind, you need to know your market and what kind of audience you’ll be attracting. You need to know what kind of people purchase products like this and what kind of products actually sell. There are two kinds of people on the internet in my opinion when it comes to searching. There are people who are looking for information on something and there are people who are looking for a solution to a problem. You need to make a product that is the solution and doesn’t just provide the information.

#2 – You need a sales page that sells but doesn’t give. One of the best techniques a sales page can have is to give them some of the solution or partial information regarding their problem but not to give them all of the information they want or all of the solution. If you give them everything up front, they now have no reason to look at your page anymore or to purchase a product.

If you’re brand new and you don’t have an e-mail list of people to send out your new product to, you’re going to want to joint venture with some of the big names in the industry. You can use Clickbank as a great source or even Google to find authority product websites and you can e-mail these people asking to do a joint venture. The typical rate for an e-mail blast is a shared 50 percent between both people. If you can find an authority figure that’s willing to send out their e-mail to their thousands of subscribers, this will put you on the map.

You should also be capturing e-mails in your page. This is usually known as a squeeze page but you can do this on a sales page as well. One of the best ways to do this is either to stall the user on a sale until they enter their email or you can build a squeeze page that makes the user enter their email so that they can access the next page with the information they want to know (which will ultimately be your squeeze page).

You need to follow up with your customers and people who opt in to your website with any future products you have and possibly some free tips. This will keep users interested in what you have to say and possibly keep them buying your products.

Don’t be a product marketer that set up a page and has no sales. Ultimately to end up being an abandoned sales page that gets shut down by the host due to not being paid for; follow the steps above to financial success and freedom.

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