Interventionist Jeff VanVonderen to Appear on VoiceAmerica's Radio Show "The Journey-Stories of Crisis and Hope" May 10th

National expert Jeff VanVonderen joins Jessica Pirro on "The Journey- Stories of Crisis and Hope" May 10th at 11a EST (8a PST) to discuss his decades of work providing interventions to those impacted by addiction and shares his experience on A&E's award winning show "Intervention".


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2016 -- When a person engages in addictive behaviors that become destructive it brings suffering to themselves and to those around them. If the process continues, some of the consequences can be irretrievable: devastated relationships, emotional scarring, mental breakdown, financial ruin, physical debilitation, and even death.

But what if that process could be interrupted? What if something could be done that could relieve the suffering of this loved one and those who care?

Learn directly from national expert Jeff VanVonderen on how to stop this behavior, how to intervene. Hear about his decades of work helping those in crisis including his time on A&E's show "Intervention" and his approach to impacting change for those struggling with issue like addiction, eating disorders and gambling.

Tune in May 10th at 11a EST to The Journey- Stories of Crisis and Hope