Interversant Reveals the Teachings of 15 Years of Internet Experience publishes secrets to their success as they enter 16th year of operation


Monkton, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- Interversant (, a web services company, today announced its 16th anniversary in business. It has been in operation since 1998, when the world wide web was "just a baby." Since its founding, it has needed to be very nimble in order to keep up with changes in technology, practices, and the general environment.

"We're just wrapping up our 15th year in operation," said Brian Myrick of Interversant. "During that time, we've seen many other businesses fold. Some did so very fast, while others simply petered out over several years until they lost their relevance. On the other hand, we've also seen people become nearly-instant millionaires, often before the founders were 25 years old. This has given us an acute awareness of how the internet is quick to reward or punish those who try to navigate its waters."

"While many commentators say that the key to success is mastering the next big thing, we found that this is not really the case," Myrick continued. "Instead, the important thing is to analyze both the latest developments and the old standbys. Jumping from pillar to post chasing one 'next big thing' after another is what often leads to failure. Most of the internet's 'next big things' turn out to be nothing. It's figuring out which ones are the exceptions that is the key to success."

In reality, some old standbys are still going strong. Search engine optimization (SEO), for example, is still the biggest pillar in most online marketing strategies. While there have been rumblings about it being overtaken by social media marketing, this has not yet come to pass. What does change, however, is the specific methods that will produce good results with the search engines. It takes constant vigilance to stay on top of search engine algorithm changes. As for social media, it is currently important, but is a supporting actor when compared to SEO.

The same sort of framework applies to software and hardware. Users of both of these things have needs that will likely never change in the broad sense. It's good for both software and hardware to be fast, reliable, and stable. However, which technologies offer the most of these benefits changes all the time. This forces companies to spend constant effort on keeping up with new developments.

"One area that really does change all the time, both in broad and specific terms, is web design," Myrick noted. "The sites of the 1990s looked very different than those of just five years later, and those sites are far different than ones that were designed this year. We spend a lot of time analyzing site design trends to make sure that we provide what is in demand at any given moment."

About Interversant
Interversant was founded on the premise that by helping our clients leverage internet technology, they would achieve a much higher level of success. For 15-plus years, the company has been doing exactly that. Its continued success is a reflection of the success it brings to its clients.