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InTouch Announces a New Amazing Package to Help Growing Businesses Accelerate Their Growth Through Effective Marketing Campaigns


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- This month InTouch CRM, a leading sales and marketing automation platform designed for small and medium-sized companies introduced a new product package.

The four existing packages (Free, Sales, Marketing and Complete) have all been replaced by a single package. Unlike the previous packages which offered combinations of different software functionalities, the new package will cost £59 for up to two users and it will include all system functionalities. This new updated offer reflects the fact that in order for a company to unleash the full potential of the application and to achieve best results, they need access to all areas of the system.

CRM and Automation are at the heart of the application and they power all activities within the system, from personalized automated follow up to scheduling tasks and activities for salespeople. This combination of fully integrated functionalities makes up for a powerful tool all businesses can utilize to accelerate their growth and boost revenue.

The new package also aims to attract growing business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to employ a range of functionalities in order to achieve the best results for their companies.

The new launch reflects InTouch's aim to bring continuous improvement and sustainable growth opportunities to customers.

'I'm very excited about the new package and website launch!' said James White, Founder and CEO of InTouch CRM. 'We have a company culture where we focus on our customers and constantly look for new ways to help them grow. The new package that includes all system functionalities makes sure that each customer has a better chance of closing more sales faster by having access to an array of system functionalities all working together to bring them sales. We listen closely to what our customers want and need, and try our best to deliver a system and pricing option that reflects that. The new website will help our customers better understand what InTouch is all about and how the system can help their business grow. I am confident that the new package and improved system functionalities will bring an increase in revenue and improved business performance for all our current and future customers'.

About InTouch CRM
The InTouch CRM is an online system assisting companies in managing their sales and maintaining relationships with their customer base. With use of this online system, all of one's customers can be kept in one singular space without the need to constantly install and update existing software. InTouch CRM has fully integrated systems so that small businesses can market using their email systems to both new and current customers. Using automation features, InTouch CRM users can effectively target their audience and enhance profits.

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